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Bill Carey

Investment Adviser Representative

Phone: (954) 781-8549

Fax: (954) 942-3526

2920 NE 22nd Ct, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

Bill Carey began working in the financial services industry in 1976 with Prudential Financial Services in Chicago, Illinois. He was promoted to management in 1979 and stayed with the firm for 25 years. Prudential transferred him down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, in 1989 as a manager and pension specialist.

In 1995, Bill was recruited by Mony Financial Services where he trained and supervised financial advisors. In 1998, he was recruited by Axa Advisors, a financial services firm operating in over 60 countries where he also trained and supervised and held the title of vice president.

Bill Carey is an Investment Adviser Representative with Prime Capital Investment Advisors. He focuses on investment planning, insurance, and securities planning, and has taught numerous seminars on tax-qualified pension plans for businesses and the self-employed.

Bill was a co-host with the popular South Florida financial radio talk show “The Wealth Doctors” which aired on AM 740. He resides in Pompano Beach Florida with his wife, Jan, and they have two daughters.

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