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About 20/20 Financial Advisers

The name 20/20 Financial Advisers is based on the concept of 20/20 vision: The ability to see clearly at a distance. We carry this clarity with us through every client meeting, making sure to pay attention to the big picture when assessing our clients’ financial goals and challenges, while never letting the important details slip through the cracks. Every client meeting starts with a healthy understanding of the past, which creates a foundation for the years to come. Some say hindsight is 20/20…we say “Your Future is our Focus.”

The History of 20/20 Financial Advisers

The seeds of the 20/20 Financial Advisers partnership were planted at a variety of conferences in the early 1990’s. While attending the Acacia Life annual meetings, which is where the founders of 20/20 Financial Advisors met, a close friendship developed as they spoke about their challenges and successes in meeting the needs of their clients in a rapidly changing environment. Over time, this friendship grew into a collaboration and a nationwide practice of like-minded advisers with one shared goal: Take care of the client.

What began as a small group of individuals based around mutual respect and a common client focus evolved and grew into a thriving business through the decades. Starting from a single ensemble practice, 20/20 soon expanded to four locations, and finally to 14 locations across the country by 2021. That same year, 20/20 Financial Advisers partnered with Prime Capital Investment Advisors to enhance their abilities to add value through additional wealth management resources and financial services. As part of Prime Capital Investment Advisors, 20/20 Financial Advisers is stronger than ever, and continues its shared purpose to serve the holistic financial planning needs of its respected clients in an ever-evolving financial landscape.

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Meet Your 20/20 Financial Advisers Team

The financial advisers and professionals at 20/20 Financial Advisers each have different accreditations, qualifications, backgrounds, focus areas, and experiences, which they use collaboratively to help clients from all walks of life. From individuals to families and business owners, our advisors specialize in providing holistic financial planning and retirement advice to address a wide range of client needs. We invite you to browse through these individual pages to learn more about each team member, their backgrounds, and their unique approach to the world of financial planning.

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Resource Library

At 20/20 Financial Advisers, we give you a library of resources you can use to help bring financial concepts into focus, with articles and videos explaining some of the tools available to help grow and protect your wealth using holistic financial planning and sound wealth management. As you get closer to retirement, understanding strategies like the generation of retirement income from your assets, the potential mitigation of taxes, protection of assets, reduction of risk, and programs like Social Security move to the forefront.

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